America’s Fit Family

Our story begins with Peter in line at his graduation getting his PHD in psychology. Peter is one of the few in his family and his rank in the military to receive his degree as a certified psychologist. With his past life of being a trained killer for the military, Peter hopes that through his transition to civilian society he can apply his principles of hard work and dedication to start making a positive difference while living a “normal” life

As he is handed his diploma, Peter looks out to the crowd and all of the people that came to support his fellow graduates. He is overcome with loneliness as he suddenly realizes that no one came to see him walk the stage: everyone he’s ever known has died. He in fact was the very last SHRINK in his family. Unable to control his racing thoughts and anxiety, he suddenly bolts off the stage. What should have been a great day was destroyed with terrible memories of his mother and his father vividly flashing before his eyes. His thoughts then turned to the war and all the killing he saw. As he ran, his fear became unbearable under the now pounding rain. All around him he saw pain.

Suddenly Peter sees a bright light ahead. His face changes to a smile as he feels this must be something supernatural. He starts running faster towards the light. Unfortunately for our hero, what Peter saw wasn’t a god, but a 12,000 pound Hummer. As he’s laying on the ground his life flashes before him. He closes his eyes and realizes “this is it”.

But Peter wakes from his coma in a hospital with the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen staring at him. They look at one another in shocking amazement. Mr. Peter Shrink was a fit damaged war veteran that was now a therapist. Susie, the woman that almost ended Peter’s life with that big ass Hummer of hers, was a fitness guru that owned a health club. She also was a professional dancer that grew up in a household with a family of unhealthy pigs that did not care about themselves or their little girl. Because her parents told her she could have anything she wanted as a child, she grew up spoiled, fat, and selfish. After high school she became up obsessed with being fit after some jock in school laughed at her, calling her a ‘human garbage disposal’.

As Peter opened his eyes, it was the moment that would change his and Susie’s life forever.

(“Oh Oh Oh, it’s Magic” starts to play in the background as they are goggling at one another.)

They get closer and closer and are about to kiss when a nurse comes out of nowhere holding a chart documenting the damage she brought to him. Their passion to kiss one another became so unbearable that both of their outrageous tempers sprawled out of them as they spontaneously started to scream at the nurse. With fear in her eyes, the nurse ran away.

And they kissed.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is how The Shrink family was born.